Auto-Licous Multipack Seeds - 6 pack
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Auto-Licous Multipack Seeds - 6 pack

34 Street Seed Co.
34 Street Seed Co.
In the Autolicous Multipack you will find 2 Trop CKS Auto, 2 Apple Fritter Auto and 2 Sour Cheese auto seeds. This collection of auto-flowering seeds is perfect for those who want faster grows and a good variety of genetics. Trop CKS Auto are here to bring the fruity sweetness! These auto-flowering genetics will leave you with frosty buds and a beautiful aroma showing purple hues of colour at times in late flower and an intricate terpene profile. With the ease of auto-flowering you’ll have buds ready to harvest between 10-13 weeks from planting. Sour Cheese Auto will fill your grow room with strong aroma’s and tastes like you’re being slapped with a brick of cheese. With beautiful buds and good hitting potency levels, Sour Cheese Auto will be one grow you won’t forget! Apple fritter Auto – this fruity high potency California strain is a great auto-flowering grow and will often show its true colours with a bit of purple and thick trichome covered buds.
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0% THC

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34 Street Seed Co.

Founded in Western Canada by ANC Cannabis Inc., 34 street seed breeds quality genetics for growers who want the best. With a wide selection of offerings, 34 street seed is bringing together quality products and expertise, to cultivate the highest success rate for our customers.34 street seed revolves around genetics, including seeds, cloning and tissue culture. This means they specialize in one area of cultivation which keeps their quality control incredibly high and mitigates risk of error. Boasting an impressive germination rate from numerous tests, 34 street seed offers stable and consistent quality through their range of products.With a “grow your own” philosophy and support for customers long after they purchase, 34 street seed empowers growers of all experience levels.

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