Blaspberry Soft Chews | 4 Pack
  • THC: 10mg
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Blaspberry Soft Chews | 4 Pack

San Rafael '71
San Rafael '71
The existence of the fabled blue raspberry has captivated minds for centuries. Or at least it will captivate yours when you enjoy the Blaspberry Indica Gummy. Each gummy is chock-full of high-quality cannabinoid extract – science talk for saying this gummy is filled with the full cannabis experience. All of our gummies are dosed evenly with 2.5mg of THC with four gummies per pack, meaning you’re in complete control of your high and each drop of berry bliss has the same strength as the one before it. The tangy berry flavour is bursting in each gummy and is meant to give you a lasting, fruit flavour fuelled high.  
0mg CBD
0mg THC

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San Rafael '71

San Rafael ‘71 is an award-winning brand that is dedicated to harvesting the best-in-class premium cannabis with innovative, high-THC & terpene rich strains & formats that stay true to classic cannabis culture.

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