Cherry Boat Hand Rolled Ice Water Hash
  • HASH
  • THC: 67.3%
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Cherry Boat Hand Rolled Ice Water Hash

Port North
Port North
Sun grown whole flower (not just smalls) is frozen directly after harvest to preserve delicate mono-terpenes. After the flower is frozen, we remove trichome heads in small batches using a gentle water current. We then drain the trichome saturated water through micron-specific mesh sieves. The heads are separated and collected from the ice cold water and placed in freeze dryers to remove any moisture while still preserving delicate mono-terpenes. Once fully dry, we gently tamp the heads on a low heat to slowly melt them together. Fully melted, we hand-roll each gram ensuring no cracks of any kind are visible to prevent oxidation. Finally, they’re packaged into glass jars and placed in a cold storage area to age. This hash is very delicate to temperature and must be stored in a cool/dry place to maintain its consistency. We recommend combining with flower to smoke or vaporize. Its lineage is (Cherry Pie x Chem 91) x Top Dog Chem x 11 Week Pink Kush S1.
0% CBD
0% THC

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Port North

Port North was founded by a group of young hash makers influenced by old school traditions. Cody Coulson, Brett Coulson & Kurtis Ohm have studied and practiced the art of hash making since they were teenagers. They take what they have learned from Master Hashishins like Frenchy Cannoli and combine it with modern theory on genetic selection, growing practices, and terpene/cannabinoid preservation. Creating 100% solventless, strain specific ice water hash and rosin that best represent each chemovars flavour and experience.

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