Cosmic Cowboy (Cherry & Vanilla) Sparkling Juice - 355ml
  • CBD: 10mg
  • THC: 10mg
Clear Mind

Cosmic Cowboy (Cherry & Vanilla) Sparkling Juice - 355ml

Collective Project
Collective Project
Sweet cherry, tart cherry and creamy vanilla are the trifecta that creates this mouth puckering juice bomb. Not too sweet - not too tart - just the right amount of real juice. The cherry on top? The 1:1 dose of 10mg THC and CBD will have you dancing with the stars. Life’s a bowl of Cherries!
0mg CBD
0mg THC

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Collective Project

Collective Project is committed to producing high-quality CBD-infused beverages that are inspired by cocktails, made with fresh ingredients and support the global arts community. Their beverages are well-balanced in both flavor and dose using emulsions that are all natural, gluten-free and produced with non-GMO ingredients. Collective Project features rotating, limited-edition works of art by artists from around the world, creating a refreshing art gallery that has all the benefits of CBD.

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