Crown OG Live Resin Disposable
  • CBD: 10%
  • THC: 77.3%
Clear Mind

Crown OG Live Resin Disposable

Dymond Concentrates 2.0
Dymond Concentrates 2.0
Fresh cannabis is extracted using a state-of-the-art hydrocarbon extractor to ensure the full spectrum of the flowers are captured. The cannabis is processed at -45 F to provide the highest quality extract. This lengthy process results in THCA Diamonds swimming in pools of terpenes that deliver a wide range of fragrant and aromatically diverse profiles. Soil to oil means Dymond is committed to providing consistent and natural flavours. Enjoy this convenient and smooth tasting all-in-one vape pen with ease.
0% CBD
0% THC

Cannabinoids information available in store.

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Dymond Concentrates 2.0

As a leader of cannabis concentrates, we are accomplishing what many are trying to, setting the standard even higher. We are one of the very few companies that are truly soil to oil. We meticulously manage every stage of cannabis curation, all on location and within our facilities. We grow each plant in-house, from start to finish, creating an elevated extract for consumers and patients across Canada.

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