Gas and Roses Dried Flower
  • CBD: 1%
  • THC: 26.2%
Clear Mind

Gas and Roses Dried Flower

Pistol and Paris
Pistol and Paris
Gas and Roses is perfect for any Indica lover with it's spicy, delicious flavour. Delight in the sweet sugary grape taste that’s accented by a slightly spicy, sour exhale.
0% CBD
0% THC

Cannabinoids information available in store.

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Pistol and Paris

Pistol and Paris knows that with regulation comes safer and cleaner cannabis compared to the legacy market. They welcome Health Canada’s strict regulations and feel great that cannabis smokers are protected by regulations around growing practices. By buying legally consumers are making sure the products they consume is clean, without pesticides or other foreign matter.The Pistol and Paris brand is all about high-end gassy gooey cannabis from specialized small gardens versus commercial size grows. With legacy roots, they hunt for the right product from growers that have experience with the plant. The team personally inspects every lot, traveling throughout B.C. to find top craft quality to put into the Pistol and Paris brand, consumers can rest assured the quality will be what they remember and expect.

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