Hash Rosin Orange Hazelnut Truffle Milk Chocolate - 1 Pack
  • CBD: 1mg
  • THC: 10mg
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Hash Rosin Orange Hazelnut Truffle Milk Chocolate - 1 Pack

Rosin Heads
Rosin Heads
A classic combination of our milk chocolate hazelnut filling but with a bright citrus twist. A delicate envelope of perfectly tempered milk chocolate surrounds a soft and flavourful orange hazelnut filling. A citrus explosion gives way to a rich nutty finish. Each piece is infused with 10 mg of strain specific hash rosin (73-159 micron) because, let’s face it, hash rosin makes everything better. Packaged in a protective pop top container to ensure the product arrives in pristine condition for your enjoyment. Rosin heads believes that edibles should be as balanced as the cannabis plant itself. That is why our chocolates are more than a delivery system. We provide consumers with a truly indulgent and fulfilling flavour experience. Strain specific live rosin provides a robust effect from the terpene profile and minor cannabinoids for a true to the cultivar experience.
0mg CBD
0mg THC

Cannabinoids information available in store.

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Rosin Heads

Let’s face it, hash rosin makes everything better. Rosin Heads' goal is to restore the relationship between indulgence and cannabis consumption.

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