1-Year Aged Legacy Reserve Hashish
  • HASH
  • THC: 65%
Clear Mind

1-Year Aged Legacy Reserve Hashish

The Hash Order
Indulge in the ultimate sensory experience with The Hash Order’s Legacy Reserve Hashish (1-Year Aged) – an artisanal blend that has been carefully crafted using traditional techniques taught by hashish artisans for generations. This premium hashish has been aged for a minimum of one year under dark conditions with strict temperature and humidity controls resulting in an intense and complex flavour profile that is gas-dominant with aged “hashene” flavours on top of a sweet and buttery roasted undertone that lingers on with the effects. Don’t settle for ordinary hashish – elevate your senses and experience the The Legacy Reserve Hashish. Total Cannabinoid Content: >70% | Total Terpene Content: >10% | Hash Micron: 45µ-159µ
0% CBD
0% THC

Cannabinoids information available in store.

Terpenes information available in store.

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