Ceramic Tip Water Hash Infused | 3x0.5g
  • THC: 35%
Clear Mind

Ceramic Tip Water Hash Infused | 3x0.5g

Beurre Blanc
Roulé Infusé, the same water hash infused, ceramic tip pre-rolls that put Beurre Blanc. on the map, are available in a pack of water hash infused, pre-rolls with ceramic tips for enhanced air flow and an even burn all the way through. Roulé Infusé brings a top-of-class offering to discerning connoisseurs. This small batch pre-roll offers a pairing of strain-specific ice water hash with milled, premium whole flower of the same cultivar, adding a boost of flavour and pushing the THC as high as 40%. This flower is hand-harvested, then immediately fresh frozen. It’s then washed in ice water to separate the trichome heads from the plant material (73u-159u micro) and freeze dried to remove the water. This high-quality ‘bubble’ hash is then sprinkled onto milled flower from whole buds, and stuffed in a pre-roll. Beurre Blanc. reusable ceramic filters produce a rich smoke and luxurious experience.
0% CBD
0% THC

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