Distilled 30:30 Oil
  • OIL
  • CBD: 30%
  • THC: 30%
Clear Mind

Distilled 30:30 Oil

Glacial Gold
Glacial Gold
Glacial Gold CBD and THC distillate in a balanced ratio (30mg/g each), blended with organic MCT oil. Each drop contains appx. 1mg CBD and 1mg THC (855mg each per bottle). Glacial Gold distillate is processed through a patented closed-loop chilled alcohol extraction process including multi-stage refinement, purification and distillation. Distilled Oils are made from high purity molecules with versatile applications and are a distinct alternative to full-spectrum extracts.
0% CBD
0% THC

Cannabinoids information available in store.

Terpenes information available in store.

Glacial Gold

Nothing to hide. Glacial Gold provides unparalleled access behind the scenes, with full transparency into how their products are made and why they exist. They'll guide you through the formulation process, from why they choose specific ingredients, to the intention behind their products.

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